• Established in 1989, Chemlube is a supplier of base oils worldwide. Chemlube, based in Harrison, NY, and its sister company Chemlube S.A (formerly known as Sopetra S.A.), based in Fribourg, Switzerland, serve a wide variety of customers in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, India and the Middle East, ranging from major oil companies to distributors and blenders of finished lubricants.

  • Chemlube is a blender and distributor of high quality finished lubricants from facilities located in Savannah, Georgia, USA. Its terminal facilities have deep water access to facilitate receipt of base oil shipments from international and domestic sources. Chemlube ships finished lubricants and base oils by rail and truck to customers throughout the U.S. and internationally.

  • Chemlube's operations professionals are skilled at meeting the most demanding logistics requirements of our customers. Our expertise ranges from shipping cargos by sea on oceangoing tankers, barges and flexi tanks to moving cargos overland by railcar and tank trucks. We can provide full service logistics including customs clearance and handling of all paperwork.

  • Chemlube benefits from the commercial and financial strength of its 50% shareholder, Chemoil Energy Limited, one of the world's leading suppliers of bunker fuels to the maritime industry.