Base Oils


Chemlube offers customers Group I, Group II, and Group III base oils and Bright Stock sourced from a diverse array of refineries throughout the world. Through its established relationships with leading oil companies, refineries and traders, Chemlube is able to locate and procure the right products to meet our customer's specific requirements and specifications.

Chemlube's knowledgeable and experienced team understands the technical needs of its customers. Chemlube's skilled operations group provides customers with complete logistics and customs support, including transport ranging from oceangoing tankers to flexi and iso tanks, barges, railcars, and tanker trucks serving inland locations.

Chemlube's team of base oil professionals are able to offer the best available product solutions to our customers. Supported by our logistics expertise, Chemlube is able to offer product to its customers at a highly competitive price. Chemlube and its sister company Chemlube S.A. (formerly known as Sopetra S.A.) maintain deep water terminal facilities in Brownsville, Texas; Savannah, Georgia; and Antwerp, Belgium to service our customers worldwide.

Chemlube operates out of offices in Harrison, New York, and its sister company, Chemlube S.A. is based in Fribourg, Switzerland. Chemlube also has a representative office in Moscow and maintains a worldwide network of agents in Mexico, Asia, Africa, India, and the Middle East.

Chemlube offers customers a range of other petroleum products including waxes.

Chemlube has a diverse array of customers worldwide, including major oil companies, independent refiners, blenders and regional distributors.