Base Oils (Savannah, GA)

Chemlube Base Oils

Chemlube International LLC offers premium quality Group I, II, III base oils from its Savannah, GA blend plant. These oils are well suited and approved to formulate a wide variety of the highest quality automotive, industrial, and marine lubricants as well as diluents for additives and process oil applications. Our base oils are imported into our deep-water terminal shore tanks located in Savannah, Ga.  We also source our base oils from leading U.S. based refineries.  We offer Chemlube 100N through Chemlube 600N grades and all blends in between. These base oils are sold and transported by tank, jumbo rail cars, or barges to a variety of blenders and distributors.
As a world-class supplier, we are committed to providing our customers with high quality products that are designed to meet or exceed their specific requirements.