Shipping and Logistics

Chemlube International LLC logistics and operations professionals have the skills and experience to ensure that our products are delivered to our customers when promised, within specifications and on a cost effective basis.

We work closely with leading ship brokers worldwide to monitor freight markets and find the right vessel in position to move cargoes to our customers. This enables us to keep costs down while enhancing our ability to find a suitable vessel in position to meet specific loading and delivery requirements.

Our operations team has the experience to anticipate and mitigate operational issues that can cause delays and increase costs. We use recognized independent inspectors to ensure quality of product at appropriate stages of the logistics chain. Whether it comes to issuing proper instructions to ship owners, monitoring cargoes en route or arranging for the blending of base oils in shore tanks and on board chartered vessels, we have the skills and knowledge to get things right. We keep our customers informed with timely tracking information from loading to arrival and discharge. We are also experts in handling Bills of Lading, Letters of Credit and any other documents that may be required to ensure a smooth logistics process.

Chemlube is also highly experienced in moving smaller volumes of product by sea in flexi tanks and iso tanks. We can handle all related logistics, including customs clearance and inland rail and truck transportation. By taking advantage of the cost structure and frequency of scheduled container vessel movements, flexi tanks and iso tanks can be a very efficient and cost effective method of delivery for many customers.

Chemlube's operations department is also experienced in coastal and inland movements of product by barge, rail and tank truck.


oiltankerOil Tanker

Chemlube regularly moves product by oceangoing tankers throughout the world. This includes frequent voyages from Asia to North America and Europe, and from the Baltic and Europe to destinations in the Middle East, Africa and India.


flexitankFlexi Tank and Iso Tank

Flexi Tanks and Iso Tanks can move by sea on a container vessel, and can be transferred to truck or rail. Flexi Tanks and Iso Tanks can significantly reduce the cost of packaging, storage and transportation of smaller quantities. 

railcarRail Car

A railcar can typically carry 23,000 to 26,000 gallons of product in a single tank. For cargoes of this size moving inland to locations not accessible by sea or inland waterway, rail shipments can be very cost effective..


tanktruckTank Truck

Chemlube frequently uses tank trucks to transport bulk cargos within North America and Europe. Trucks typically carry up to 6,500 gallons and have segregations that permit the carrying of smaller volumes of different grades of products and lubricants.